Friday, July 30, 2010

Reviews: Monster Performer 500 Instrument Cable 21 ft. – straight 1/4 plugs P500-I-21

Monster Performer 500 Instrument Cable 21 ft. – straight 1/4 plugs P500-I-21.

Monster Performer 500 Instrument Cable 21 ft. – straight 1/4 plugs P500-I-21

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List Price: $ 39.99

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  • Balanced design for accurate frequency response and wide dynamic range.
  • 95% coverage copper-braided shield rejects RFI and EMI for a lower noise floor and increased resolution.
  • IsoTec vibration technology further reduces handling noise.
  • Extra-flexible Duraflex outer jacket for superior reliability and cut resistance.
  • Interchangeable, color O ring (available in blue, red, green, and yellow) attaches to each connector for customized identification.

Advanced Technologies Help Produce Allthe Detailed Tonality Your Instrument can Deliver Musicians like you have made Monster Instrument our most popularcable unlike ordinary cables, it was designed to capture your instrument’sextended frequency response,natural warmth and delicate overtones.Dualsolid core conductors deliver the transient punch,clarity,and harmonic detailsinherent in your tone.A dense,braided shield rejects interference,and patentedMicroFiber dielectric provides isolation of mag

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